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5 Huge Mistakes To Avoid During Proctored Exams To Actually Master It

Recent years have witnessed a revolutionary change in the field of education. Now learning is not limited to just classrooms. The same is the case with exams.

The trend of online exams is growing day by day. Students are happy with this revolution as they feel comfortable taking online proctored exams from their homes. Similarly, institutes are pleased because they save a lot of expenses by taking exams online. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both sides.

When discussing online exams, how can we forget the most common ones, proctored exams?

Proctored exams are online exams in which a proctor is present to monitor the student. They verify student IDs, keep track of the time, and ensure that no student breaches the regulation of proctored exams online.

A more modified version is an online proctoring exam. It totally works on automation. Students just have to open their mics and webcams. The exam page instructs them not to leave the page during the online proctored exam.

Students think they can easily achieve good grades in their proctored exams. However, they are new to this sweeping change.

Consequently, during the proctored exam, they struggle to manage the pressure. They make common mistakes that cause them to get the desired grades.

Here are the five huge mistakes to avoid during proctored exams to get remarkable grades.

  • Mistake 1 - Lack of Preparation For Proctored Exam
  • Mistake 2 - Technical Issues & Equipment Setup
  • Mistake 3 - Violating Exam Rules & Guidelines
  • Mistake 4 - Time Management
  • Mistake 5 - Exam Anxiety & Stress Management

1. Lack Of Preparation For Proctored Exam

Obviously, preparation is the key element to mastering your proctored exams. Here we are not talking about preparing thoroughly. It is important to put together all the topics adequately. And then construct a preparation plan.

Most students make this common mistake. They just skim through the topic, thinking that they will remember it. However, it is more complicated. Detailed preparation has its value and importance.

Importance Of Preparation

Understanding the significance of preparation is necessary to receive impeccable grades. It boosts your confidence during the proctored exam. Moreover, It allows you to master the subject.

Dedicated preparation enables you to understand all the key points of your topic. Once you get to know the deep concepts of your topic, memorizing it won’t be a big deal for you. In fact, you will enjoy the learning process if you study the concepts.

Moreover, attempting an exam knowing that you are prepared for every topic will take your confidence to the next level. It will prevent you from suffering from exam anxiety. Once you are prepared and confident to take your exam. There is no one stopping you from getting your desired grades.

Tips For Effective Exam Preparation

Exam preparation strategies for online proctored exams slightly differ from traditional exams. It requires great intelligence and smartness to prepare for online proctored exams. This is why it is important to move ahead of time and be aware of current strategies for preparing for online proctored exams.

Most students need to study all the material at once. Here is the thing, you can create a study plan for yourself. It helps you to divide your study material into manageable chunks. Prioritize the study topics according to your capability.

You can also prepare for the proctored exam with a group. It provides you with a learning ground. Here you can interact with other students for collaborative learning. This helps you to think broadly.

However, you can utilize online learning platforms if you are an introvert. For instance, you can prepare for the ATI nutrition proctored exam by taking different quizzes online like Quizlet.

Here are a few techniques and strategies that will help to prepare effectively. Follow these to avoid mistakes during proctored exams online.

  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Practice & Application
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Proper Sleep & Nutrition
  • Seek Clarification

2. Technical Issues & Equipment Setup

Online proctored exams are all about technical stuff. Even after proper preparation, you are dependent on the equipment. So, checking your stuff and device before attempting a proctored exam is important.

However, most students make this common mistake. They take technical problems for granted and use unchecked equipment and devices. Then they regret their mistake later.

But what if you already know what technical issues can come up and ruin your day? Right, you can avoid those. So, here are the common technical issues that cause problems for you during online proctored exams.

Common Technical Issues During Online Proctored Exams

Technical issues can happen to anyone. What you can do is ensure that you have done everything right from your side. You can minimize the chances of suffering from these issues.

The most common issue is internet connectivity problems. A poor internet connection can badly affect your experience of proctored exams. It will waste your time.

However, students should check their wifi device and connection before the exam. Looking for alternatives if your connection needs to catch up is important. You can use ethernet too.

Moreover, remember to check your webcam and microphone before the exam. Webcam and microphone malfunctions can really cause problems for you. It is necessary to avoid them. Otherwise, you can also be disqualified from the proctored exam online.

Similarly, to avoid any technical confusion, check your software compatibility before a proctored exam. Go through the interface of the software to get familiar with it. In case of any confusion, seek clarification from your instructor.

Tips To Avoid Technical Mistakes

Here is the thing, having backup devices and internet options are preferable before attempting an online proctored exam.

Apart from that, you can contact a technical person to stand by during the proctored exam. In case of any issues, you can contact them and ask for solutions. Otherwise, you have to pay someone to take my online exam.

3. Violating Exam Rules & Guidelines

We all are aware of the Traditional Exam Rules. On the contrary, online proctored exams are quite new to all of us. So it is important to understand the guidelines of Online proctored exams.

Many students need to do that. They spend all of their time preparing for the exam. However, they need to know what is allowed and what is not.

Indeed, familiarise yourself with the exam format and rules. Otherwise, you will find yourself making the following mistakes. Here are some tips to follow proctored exam guidelines. However, first, you need to know some common violations.

Common Violations To Avoid

Online proctored exams have great security to maintain the integrity of the exam. However, some students try to violate the exam rules. Here are some violations to avoid during proctored exams.

Collaborations With Others During Proctored Exam

Online proctored exams aim to assess students’ knowledge and skill. So, collaboration with other students is totally inhibited.

However, it may be tempting for students to seek help from a friend or a classmate. This is a violation of proctored exam rules. Remember, if you are trying to collaborate with others, you are making a mistake. Don't try it if you don't want to be disqualified.

Copying From External Sources

Copying your answers from online articles, essays, or blogs without any credits violates exam rules. Even if the instructor does not catch you during copying, they detect plagiarism in your answers. Plagiarism is the most common online proctored exam violation that could be avoided at all costs.

Tips For Adhering To Exam Rules

Are you attempting an online proctored exam for the first time? Don't worry. Here are some tips to ensure you follow the right path and avoid making mistakes.

Reviewing and Understanding the Code of Conduct

Students go through the code of conduct provided by the institution. Review all the rules and restrictions mentioned by the instructor. Read them carefully and note all the prohibited activities and resources.

Understanding all the restrictions and prohibitions will boost your confidence during the exam. It ensures that you stay within the boundaries of the code of conduct.

Reading & Following The Exam Instructions Carefully

Read all the instructions closely before beginning the exam. Pay attention to any specific guidelines or restrictions your proctor may mention. They can be:

  • Time Limits
  • Question Format
  • Submission Procedures

If you are uncertain about any guidelines, seek clarification from your instructor to avoid any mistakes.

4. Time Management

We all know that time management is a crucial aspect of online proctored exams. Poor time management can badly impact your exam and minimize your chances of success.

Online Proctored exams have limited time for students to complete their exams. After the completion of the test duration, your answers are submitted automatically. That's why it is important to manage your time effectively to get excellent grades.

Importance Of Time Management

Time management is necessary to attempt all questions during proctored exams. Poor time management can lead to unanswered questions. Moreover, it negatively impacts your grades.

You can make the most of your time if you manage it properly without any panic. You have to implement solid time management techniques. Then you can answer all questions properly without any rush.

Common Time Management Mistakes


Students often focus on the answers during an exam. However, they ignore time, the most crucial thing. This results in them making some common time management mistakes.

Spending Excessive Time on Difficult Questions

It is the most common mistake during an exam. Students spend so much time solving a single difficult question or problem. Now they don't have time to focus on other questions.

A complicated question indeed takes time to solve. But it doesn't mean you ignore the other questions. You can solve them easily and get more grades. It is all about managing time and prioritizing your questions.

Rushing Through Questions Due to Time Constraints

It is the other side of the same coin. Sometimes students rush through their answers due to time management stress. They try to answer as quickly as possible. This results in unintentional errors and small mistakes in the answer. You can avoid that panic by keeping your head calm.

Strategies for Effective Time Management

There are various strategies to improve your time management during online proctored exams. You can try them and use the most effective one for you.

Prioritizing Questions & Allocating Time Effectively

This is the most impactful technique. Prioritize the questions based on their weightage. Attempt those questions first, which are easy for you and carry more marks than others. Allocate time depending on their significance.

Also, don’t chase the question you don’t know. Keep it for the last. By implementing this strategy, you can get higher grades. And still, you will have pretty much time.

Use Marking Features To Address Difficult Questions

Online proctored exams have the option to mark questions. You can use this feature to flag difficult questions. Later, you can return to that question in the blink of an eye. This will save you a lot of time. Moreover, you can see that question from a fresh and new perspective.

You can practice this strategy in mock exams as well. They are also a valuable way to improve your time management skills.

5. Test Anxiety & Stress Management

Taking extreme stress before the exam is among the most common mistakes of students. It impacts the mental health of students. It is possible to avoid exam anxiety. But first, understanding stress management and test anxiety is important.

Understanding Test Anxiety

Students can experience adverse emotional and psychological effects due to test anxiety, leading to panic attacks and depression. However, it is important for students to differ from normal exam anxiety and test anxiety disorder.

Simply speaking, the fear of failure and self-doubt ignite the spark of anxiety in the human mind. Later on, overthinking and academic pressure intensify this fear. It makes the student feel overwhelmed and anxious.

However, this exam anxiety negatively impacts students' concentration, focus, and memory. Making them more and more uncertain about their performance. To some extent, exam anxiety is due to a lack of confidence.

Techniques for Managing Test Anxiety

Fortunately, Individuals can manage test anxiety and perform better in exams using several effective techniques. These techniques will help you to build self-confidence.

  • Deep Breathing & Relaxation Exercises
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Seeking Emotional Support from Friends


In conclusion, proctored exam mastery demands thorough planning, technical resilience, following exam standards, efficient use of time, and control of stress. If you can avoid making the typical blunders in these areas, you'll give yourself a much better shot at getting excellent results.

Remember to approach each proctored exam with dedication, focus, and a calm mindset, and success will follow.